Blackpool: In a state of flux

Following its establishment as a borough in 1876, Blackpool became known as one of Britain's most iconic seaside resorts. Shifts in tastes, combined with opportunities for Britons to travel overseas, supplanted Blackpool's status as a leading resort during the late 20th century. Upon visiting the resort in late 2013 I was confronted by an emptiness that recapped the recent storms along the North-West coast of England which severely effected the resort due to it’s exposure along the coast of the Irish sea. Severely damaging and in effect closing down each of the promenades, thereby halting the already slow business that runs along it's coastline.

In the past decade there have been multiple investments that have seen a number of large attractions become new found reasons for tourists to come back to the area, yet despite years of promise and the potential for further expansion, much of the residents and local business owners admit that they are playing a waiting game until investors eventually offer to buy them out to expand on the much-awaited construction of Blackpool's 'Super Casino's' which hope to give the region back the iconic and modern charm it once enjoyed.

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