Burnley Empire

Designed & built during the late victorian era, this grand theatre was once held in high regard as a proud feature of this northern English town. Like many of its kind however, the timing of its construction fell at an unforseen point before two world wars, and the subsequent change of culture that led to the birth of modern cinema. Decades of catching up forced the venue to be reconstructed many times in an effort to broaden its intended design. Despite these attempts, it could no longer hold its own against newer multiplex cinemas, and as a last grasp at salvation its owners turned it into a bingo hall in the 1970's. If we've come to learn anything from our travels its that once you turn your cinema into a bingo hall, it's already the beginning of the end.. the building has now been disused since the mid 90's and this beautiful craftsmanship is now well and truly beyond any hope of repair.