Grange-Over-Sands Lido. 

The Grange Lido, built in in 1932, sits on the edge of the Lake District National Park looking over Morecambe Bay. Whilst remaining unknown to most in the modern age, it is one of only 5 or 6 seaside Lidos still surviving. During the mid 20th century, the lidos reflected the importance of fresh air, fitness and mass leisure to the inter-war generation.

Following a decline in domestic holiday-goers in the early 90's, finance troubles hit the Lido hard and it was closed in 1993 and has remained unopened since. However, the preservation of the site thanks to the local borough has kept it nicely intact and hidden from vandals, and It has since been identified as the most important coastal building in the North. The entire site became grade II listed in 2011 as it is the last remaining Art Deco Lido in the North of England.

From a distance, the lido appears to be something similar to a concrete bunker, greeted by the tide before the water sinks away again leaving it stranded on the coastline with nothing but reeds and flat land for miles. The appeal of the location is without doubt as strong as it ever was, but the demand for a british holiday just isn't part of our culture as it once was.. therefore the lido remains a monument for times gone by.