History hidden 100ft below

What to do on your photo day off when its raining? head underground where the rain can't stop you! Little bit of history on this one - the only evidence that this cavern exists is an 18" hole in the middle of some dense woodland near Skelmersdale. It's one of the only (unofficially) accessible mines in the Lancashire region, and was part of a large scale sandstone quarry that ran mining operations here throughout the 1800's. The army last used it during the second world war as an ammo storage facility, and were responsible for installing the infamous 'jenga' towers to prevent the ceiling from caving in. 80 years later and they still serve their purpose, but nature evidently won't be held back forever, with multiple rockslides appearing every year. The houses that have since been built on the land above have no way of knowing how long the land will continue to be steady for.. The silence here is probably the most daunting yet mesmerising thing apart from the sheer scale and total darkness. The only sound is the occasional drop of water that falls from the rocks into the crystal clear pool that's formed on the west side of the cavern. If you ever need to get away from the world, this is the place to be.