Point of Ayr

Northern Monument #11: The Point of Ayr Lighthouse, also known as the Talacre Lighthouse, is a grade II listed building situated on the north coast of Wales. Built in 1777 by the recorder and aldermen of Chester to warn ships entering from the Irish Sea heading between the Dee and the Mersey Estuary on the far left side of the Wirral. The lighthouse once displayed two lights - the main beam, at 63 feet, shone seaward towards Llandudno. A secondary beam shone up the River Dee, towards the hamlet of Dawpool, in Cheshire, on the English side of the estuary. Whilst in service, the lighthouse was painted with red and white stripes, and had a red lantern housing, which in recent years has been repainted to match its former identity. The lighthouse eventually fell into disuse and was decommissioned in 1884, having been replaced by a lightship that anchored further out at sea. It has since passed through several phases of private ownership, and slowly deteriorated ever since. In March 2007, the lighthouse was heavily damaged by storms which resulted in the metal steps leading to the building becoming dislocated and a hole appearing in the base. Local myth has surrounded the lighthouse for centuries; often reported is the sighting of a person dressed in old fashioned worth clothes standing on the balcony of the lighthouse itself, with reports of footprints in the sand leading to the building. Psychics visiting the site on separate occasions reported making contact with a spirit called Raymond who was once a lighthouse keeper here before he died of a fever in mysterious circumstances.