The Solvay Chemical Plant in Warrington is situated on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal in Lower Walton. Opened in 1948, the site became wholly owned by Solvay in 1992. The site produces Hydrogen Peroxide and is part of the global Peroxides Strategic Business Unit. It is a self proclaimed asset to the local community yet hides itself away from plain site beyond the suburbs and between the counties of Cheshire and Halton.

In the mid 50's the west end of Baronet road was built as a self contained suburbia for factory workers and families to live in close proximity to the plant, just 100 yards away from the main gates. The homes were regarded at the time as being well within the living standards of South Warrington and even better than the local privately owned homes, which meant that the higher ranked factory officers took pride in the street. However, since Solvay completed the acquisition of the site the road has fallen into dissaray as the company has become more interested in its seclusion in the area as opposed to it's integration, and the row of houses have been left mostly empty as the families of the employees have passed on.
The grounds are now strictly considered private property and even as I photographed the area I was being advised to leave the premises; the surrounding land of each home is now used as car parks for factory employees, a few houses were used to house temporary student workers but just one single home remains in use - an elderly lady whose husband worked at the plant from 1948-1986. Once she passes away, the entire street will be demolished