The Duke Of Lancaster

TSS Duke of Lancaster, the railway steamer passenger ship that operated between 1956 and 1979. Now permanently beached on the river Dee near Holywell in North Wales.

The ship has become a canvas for wall art of a different kind. The 'DuDug Collective' are an international group of artists who are part of the small team that fight to keep the ship upright and against the constant efforts to have it dismantled and taken away.

The duke is guarded 24/7, but luckily you can get close enough when the tide goes out to sneak a few shots in before security come running. Once you get chatting to them, however they are more than happy to let you know a bit about the history of the place before reminding you to get on your way.

A market once stood here once a week both on the shop and adjacent to it along the water before the council shut it down due to lack of emergency service routes. Hopefully the Duke will be here for many years to come, and one day they'll let us see inside what is apparently an untouched cabin..